Here is a taste of the types of service we offer at Sailing Intelligence:

Media Consultancy

The sailing world is a complex, unstructured one. How to make sense of it? Where to get maximum value from your sponsorship package? No other company is across every part of the sport as much as Sailing Intelligence…

Event Reporting

Every month we’re on the ground, on the water, reporting on some of the biggest events in the calendar. You name it, we’ve covered it: Olympics, America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race. And we can cover your event too…

Press Release Writing

There are tons of press releases written every day, but how do you get noticed above the noise? By making sure your press releases are informative, accurate and entertaining. That’s where we come in…

Website & Content Creation

We can help you set up a simple WordPress website of just a few pages, or we can get you up and running on something more complex if you really need it….

Advertisement Design & Copy

How to create the advert that’s going to capture your customer’s attention in that vital first micro-second? Good design and great words are what you need to hit the spot…

Promotional Literature

We work with some of the best designers in the business who, like us, understand what makes the sailing world tick and what is really going to grab the attention of this market…

Brochure Design & Production

Whatever you’ve got in mind, we can work with you from the very initial concept for your brochure, through the design, content creation and production process all the way through to the finished article…

Book Authoring & Printing

Both James and Andy are published authors, and we’ve written books for some of our corporate clients too. It can be a bewildering and needlessly expensive business – unless you know what you’re doing. Talk to us first!

Specialist Translation

We’ve got close onnections with specialist marine writers in pretty much every continent and every major language. Sailing terminology is tough in one language, even harder in another. But we’ve got you covered…

Why use us?

Our top team of writers are highly experienced both as journalists and commentators on our sport. They are also chosen because of their flexibility in being able to tailor a job to a specific purpose – such as focusing on particular nationalities in press releases.

Our particular talent is being able to tailor our work so that it appeals to both sailing and non-sailing audiences alike. For example, when it comes to writing press releases, our background in news journalism gives us the edge in knowing how to write something that will get noticed among the pile of press releases on an editor’s desk.

You can rely on us for accuracy. The marine world can be confusing and difficult to understand for many people. It has its own language, which sometimes can be too arcane for a wider audience (a bit like the word ‘arcane’ actually…). Our skill is in talking to sailors, boatbuilders, any marine experts you care to mention, and turning their words into something that the man on the street will understand.